Fragonard is a La V exclusive line.  Fragonard is world famous and is imported from Grasse France.  Take a look at the video below.​​


l'Ensoleillade is a Provincial French manufacturer of exquisite table linens.  See gallery tab for examples.​​


New to La V!
Hand and body scrub
A radiant cocktail for your skin
All natural and made in Colorado

Mason Pearson​​

Mason Pearson hand made combs and brushes are a dream, everyone should have one​​


Beautiful perfumes from the island of Capri​​


A hydrotherapy line started by Father Kneipp in Germany in 1891.  Makers of bath salts, bubble bath, soothing massage oils.  Amazing products for a soothing spa night at home!​​​​


Fine Italian Shaving products.  Come in for a sample, you will love it​​


Marvis is beautiful Italian toothpaste line made in Florence

Nesti Dante

Nesti Dante is a fabulous soap line made in Florence, Italy.  Come in for a smell!

Provence Sante'

Provence Sante'makes delicious smelling soaps mande in the south of France.


Makers of fine soaps


A Damascus rose based facial line from Turkey.​​
The rosewater is fabulous​!

L'Artisan Parfumeur

L'Artisan Parfumeur is imported from Paris, France.  These are the real Parisian parfums

Edible Items

La V features edible products like...Lavazzaa Whole bean coffee, Crepes N Crepes signature crepe batter(comes with the spinner), Zergut hot ajviar vegetable spread, Crepes N Crepes pesto, Mighty Leaf whole leaf tea, and Da Vinci hot chocolate mix.